What does a butcher block have to do with marketing online?

What does a butcher block have to do with marketing online?

It has everything to do with making money online! Let me explain.

Years ago my father decided he wanted to have a small butcher shop for his very large family to use for all the many butcher activities that were part of our family.  Our family consisted of farmers and hunters and everything in between, and the use of a butcher shop was important.

When dad built the butcher shop, it contained a large walk in freezer, meat grinders, and slicers and right in the center was a large butcher block.

Here is it – a butcher shop is not just a building; it is the building including all the tools and equipment inside.

Everyday, marketers enter the online marketing businesses and want to create a home business much like my dad’s butcher shop without any consideration for the tools that will be required to make that business successful.  All they have is a building with nothing in it and they soon find they are not making any money and blame it on the building.

Sounds foolish does it not, but who did you blame when your home businesses did not perform. More than likely you blamed the site.

Many years ago I went through that cycle of building a lot of empty sites and blaming everyone of them on the site  when they failed and finally with the help of some marketers, I began to brainstorm with these marketers and we decided that we MUST BUILD A BUTCHER SHOP HOME BUSINESS. Or in other words we must build a complete home business with all the tools included.

Each time we created a new system, it was better than the one before, and this was due to learning what truly worked and what did not work. Then we retrofited those sites to include the better tools.

In a few years our original group of about 50 marketers has grown to almost 6000 in three complete autopilot home business systems.

Each one of those three autopilot systems are linked to the other two. Join one and you be guided to the other two.

These are actually multiple streams of income home businesses where you can pick and choose your favorites.

You can even create and promote your own business!

Want to look examine one of these? Click the link below

Then grab a free account here and look around and see for yourself. COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR MARKETING


How to effectively get the most out of Collective Team Marketing

How to effectively get the most out of Collective Team Marketing
ctm600by300 logo

1. Promoting options:
A. Promote the main link that redirects the lead to the signup page and email messages are from the CTM leads folder. These messages encourage the lead to join CTM free plus gives information about the 5 steps. Currently 10 messages in that folder and I will be adding more as we proceed.
B. Promote an individual step like GDI etc.  This will also redirect to your CTM signup page and the email messages come from the respective folder in this case GDI messages. 13 messages delivered over 13 day period for GDI and each step has its own messages. See autoresponder tab.


2. Broadcasting tips:
You may broadcast at any time to your leads, however, if you overdue it you will get a lot of unsubscribes and your reputation will suffer. You will not be building the type of relationship that works.

My advice is send a broadcast about once per week and let that broadcast give them something of value. Give them marketing tips or some video you found, something that you think they need to see etc.  And at the very bottom you may nudge with a short invitation to join us free at CollectiveTeamMarketing.
Do not try to start selling product after product with the broadcaster unless you want to see you list go down real fast.
3. Marketing Tip for multiple stream sales:
CTM promotes 5 streams:
Each of these have their own LCPs with lead folders and messages.  You will want to transfer those leads that are not getting messages to a new folder after all the messages have been sent. You can do this at transfer leads under View Lead tab.
Example a lead has seen all the GDI messages and you then transfer them to MPA leads folder. Keep them actively receiving messages by transferring them.


4. My strategy will be to simply promote CTM lead capture pages and transfer those leads to the next folder when the messages have all been sent.
Remember the purpose of any LCP is to get their name and email address period period period.
Then the autoresponders kick in instantly sending them messages to help you build a relationship.
Broadcasting is a fantastic tool but do not abuse it.

Joe Freyaldenhoven

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What you need to know and forget about Traffic and Leads

August 18 – Let us talk about traffic and leads the basics!

This is my experience and I have seen similar statistics so I believe this is a good guideline for you.
Traffic should be graded by its results:
Here is how I grade it:
1 Best = Email Marketing Traffic Average 50 – 100 hits = one lead

2 = Traffic Exchanges Text and Banner Exchanges 400 to 4000 hits = one lead
3 = Social Media blogs and everything else 200 – 5000 hits = one lead

With ranges like that you have to know your results from each site or you will go nuts trying to get organized.
I use ViralMailProfits to track every one of the mailers I use

I use VitalViralPro to track the traffic exchanges and text banner exchanges etc plus social ads

Now for some tips you can use:
Always track what you are doing so you can make decisions based on facts rather than a gut feeling.

I know some members are using some of the sites that generate a lot of hits but very little results. I know one company that hires people in an Asian country that click on banners and text ads all day long. I am sure they use robots now. That is why you have to track your results.

Email marketing continues to be the best way to advertise and most of my efforts are in that arena. That is the reason I have the Viral Mailers and the Solo Networks ie they work!

Traffic Banner and Text ad exchanges are making a comeback,at least I hope so and will continue to be available as traffic sources but you need to know you will have to get a lot more hits or visitors to get a lead.

Finally, paying for leads and traffic can be a good thing or can be a disaster.  If you are experienced in buying leads and traffic and make lots of money carry on.  If you have been buying traffic and getting nothing in return then you need to remember the words of Einstein.  “To do the same thing over and over and expect different results is the definition of I___________” You can supply the last word.

Track and make decisions on results
Know the traffic source and quality 

Joe Freyaldenhoven

Team Elite Home Businesses

How to get 100+ signups per month at Team Elite Home Businesses

Congratulations the total membership is now over 5100 including both sites –  3500 at dotcom and 1500 at dotnet!

Many of you sent me support tickets about what to do after you had added your usernames to the six steps.

I responded to that by creating a new short video that is now part of the GETTING STARTED GUIDE.
Basically you will promote the lead capture pages to grab leads and the autoresponder will kick in and start the email series that will get those leads to signup just like you did. Autoreplication and it works.

Now for some results:
Step1 CashStreamMaximizer has paid out over 1500 dollars to our members in commissions in 6 weeks and that is a good start. Keep in mind we are promoting 14 income streams on autopilot. I would give you the results of the others streams, however I do not have access to them. However, based on my income from the other steps I suspect some are more and some are less but all are good.

Now I will give you some facts that you will not see very often.
Why do a few members get most of the referrals?
Look at our leaderboard at dotcom for 16 days in August.

There are two reasons and you will be surprised by the reasons:
1 Knowledge of where the leads are
2 Tools to get them as leads and then to signup
Morten sent me an email around the end of July and stated that he was working harder than ever and got less than 2 signups at dotcom in July and furthermore he asked me to tell him what it was that I was doing.
I responded back to Morten and told him exactly what I was doing and that he could easily duplicate my efforts.
Now this is the key item in this post. Morten took advantage of what I told him and acted on it.

I know that only 1 in a hundred will actually do what I recommend.  Everyone has a better way. Notice that I have never posted exactly what I am doing and I never will.  However, if you send me an email and ask me I will respond back with an email and tell you exactly what I am doing to get over 300 signups per month at TEHB sites

I am not broadcasting that information since I only want to give it to those that want it and will act on it.
So send an email to bubbajoe.joefreyaldenhoven@ezvib.com and I will respond back asap.

Finally, look at the leaderboard for August at Dotnet and note that Maggie is using the same method.

Finally, are they making money from the Steps Like I am?
Well Morten has made sales at Step 1 and other steps and dotcom – he made three sales yesterday at dotcom!!

Act on it today

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The best FREE traffic and leads generator online

TrafficAdBar is the best FREE traffic and leads generator online in my opinion

I receive over 1000 hits per day at my links there consistently from month to month.

Here is how TrafficAdBar works:
Free members receive 5 links to promote while upgraded receive up to 20 links

As a member you simply login and add your url that you want to promote.
You will create a short text ad that will displayed on their unique adbar
You will also receive a url that has the adbar embedded to it
Take that url with the embedded adbar and use it for your promotions:
traffic exchanges
social media etc

Each time that url with the embedded adbar is viewed you receive one point at TrafficAdBar to show your ad to another person.
You show the adbar and you get points to show your ads to others over and over.

Like I said, I average over 1000 views per day and generate substantial leads and sales plus I receive a nice commission payment each month.

I promote my sites and receive all that traffic at trafficadbar simply by running email ads.
That is why TrafficAdBar is Step #4 at tehbdotnet and tehbdotcom

Not a member then  grab 100,000 advertising  points and get started today – 



How to make money online without spending money to get started

Let me explain how to get started making money here at TEHBdotnet. or dotcom since the steps mentioned below are also setup here at TEHBdotcom

This is an actual case study based on the results here at TEHBdotnet.

For the purposes of this case study I will be revealing results from just one of the 6 steps
CashStreamMaximizer and will reveal results on the other steps later.

First we will calculate the value of one lead at TEHBdotnet
Then we will calculate the value of one signup
Finally we will discuss the results and make decisions

Using the lead capture pages 1 – 9  1000 views = 33 leads
33 leads converted to 18 signups at TEHBdotnet
Those 18 signups converted to 9 new members at CashStreamMaximizer
3 of those new members upgraded in the first 30 days
Income from those three new members was $117
These were results for last month at TEHB.net you may do better or you may do worse.

1000 views of the lead capture pages yielded 33 leads
One lead is worth $117 divided by 33 = $3.55 (Note this is for only step 1)
For the record I am experiencing similar results at all 6 steps.

Here is my question: Would you spend $10 one time to make $117 each month?
Of course you would.
That is the reason I have made all the upgraded memberships at CashStreamMaximizer set to pay 100 per cent commissions!!!

Silver Membership pays 100 per cent of the sales to you for $10 one time payment
You have to upgrade to get the 100 per cent commissions.

Login to TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.net and click on step 1 and login to CashStreamMaximizer and click on UPGRADE HERE  and grab the Silver Membership as A minimum. Most of the members have chosen Gold membership.
Remember the advertising alone is worth more than the 10 dollars.

Then promote the lead capture pages for dotnet and share your results with me when you get 1000 views of your ads.

Yes you can definitely make money online without spending much money, however, when you see an opportunity like what I just pointed out and let it pass you will continue to be frustrated.

Make YOUR decision and get started today. by grabbing your free accounts


The earning possibilities at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses

The earning possibilities at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses

What makes TeamEliteHomeBusinesses unique is it has two back offices synchronized with each other and this produces an explosion of leads and signups.

To make money online you must have the tools and knowledge that will give you a substantial advantage a Major League Advantage
  We provide them both plus free training and mentoring to be sure get a fast track start.
  Do you have an online business you want to promote? or a team promotion?
  We will teach and show you how to build your downlines in any program and get sales using our proven relationship builder system
  Autoresponders with unlimited lead storage – stunning lead capture pages
 Toolshed with 5 must have super tools
 Auto Replicated account Promoter
 We are a group of 3000+ professional marketers with one goal  – SUCCESS and we help each other.
 300+ advertising and income streams with promo codes and special offers
 Resellers are paid at 4 levels within 24 hours
 Mentoring for fast track start
Promote any site or url
Unlimited Lead Storage
Lead Management and Analysis
Unlimited Emails
Unlimited Autoresponder Messages
Third part autoresponders
Capture pages Fully Editable

Tool shed with 5 must have free super tools that are also income streams
1. mailer scheduler tracker
2. url banner text ad rotator tracker
3. traffic generator
4. Auto funnel promoter
5. Complete home business with excellent training

Run Multiple Lead Capture pages at one time
Stunning Video and Image Background Lead Capture Pages
Lead Capture Page tracking and analysis
Easy setup for both individual and team promotions
Statistics – Reports – Analysis
Advanced form code for placing capture forms on any site
Import leads manually
Prospect Live Chat
Video and Text Resources and Training
30 Day Refund Policy – Must be happy member
Now for purposes of this discussion here are the assumption:
Potential earnings at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com
Some will do more some less this is for demonstration purposes to expose the possibilities.
1. Generate 4 leads per day – resulting in two signups per day  which is below average
2. In one month 30 per cent of the signups will upgrade
3. The average sale is a mix of $47 $97 $147 and $297 or about $150 per sale average
One month  120 leads – 60 Signups – 18 upgrades at 30% conversion = $2700
One month  120 leads – 60 Signups – 6 upgrades at 10% conversion = $900
One month  120 leads – 60 Signups – 24 upgrades at 40% conversion = $3600
So you can see you monthly income is 
leads times signup conversion times upgrade conversion times $150
Signup conversion is 56 percent for the whole site
Upgrade conversion is about 30% based on last 30 days
Finally, this is for TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com and your free autopilot autoresponders are promoting 7 other urls.
My suggestion is do a 30 day test and look at your results.
First grab your free replicator promoter http://teamelitehomebusinesses.net