Testimonials from our Members
I owe my success to TeamHomeBusinesses.com.  Back in August of 2012 I make a whopping $1.98 and in October 2012, I made $3.96. At first I resisted Joe’s teaching about the power of list building and downline builders and finally I started using those techniques and now I earn over $200 per day averaging 25000 hits and generating up to 50 referrals per day. Come and join us at TeamEliteResponder.com 
Ben Holsinger 
Owner PaidViralMailer.com ViralListDynamics.com TheLastMailer.com
Editor’s Note I have learned from Ben and in fact I have changed some of our methods based on what Ben has taught me. Ben has a unique way of understanding how the internet works. And that is why we are successful – teamwork Joseph Freyaldenhoven




Don Harrison (maddog) here,

I just wanted to give a few lines about Team elite Responder and Team Elite Home Business.  I have been a promoter a while and never used auto-responders  before. I am now getting leads and sales a lot more frequent than before. For the price is a great deal. Try it …It works!



Don Harrison (maddog)


Hello Joe: What you have created with TEHB is nothing short of amazing.
ANYBODY who wants to work at home and get started in the home business arena would be a total gooberhead not to get started with TEHB. Your contribution to the Home Business Industry is deeply appreciated by me, for sure. So from one entrepreneur to another…Thank You, Thank You, Thank You:) James Dawson

This is just a notification that we have now opened the doors to TeamEliteResponder . We are sure that there will be many testimonials to come from happy and profitable members. We wish all of the members good luck and prosperity.The one dollar system works very well and is real good Its so easy.I am so happy to be a part of TER im a member of it too. Steve Wilson

My name is Grace E  Booth and I am branded online as GraceB.  
I have been blessed to be a part of some fantastic programs and the best part is that  they are all at the Hub, The 7 Dollar Miracle.  I recently started to really promote heavily and what I have seen is a lot of interest in the programs that we can use to promote our offers.
The program owner gives so much to the members, I can assure you that you will not be left behind once you join our team. In approximately one week, I received seven leads with three converting to paid membership. I call that fantastic. You can have the same success I am having. Give us a chance to change your life financially. I can tell you that you will be glad you did. See you all at the top.  GraceB


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The One Dollar Miracle Business System or Team Elite Responder is great for newbies and experienced marketers alike as it provides a platform or hub to promote multiple money making programs. Not only can you start your business for practically nothing, but Joe provides excellent training. The One Dollar Miracle Business System is a ready to use sales funnel to use to build your own list.


I started out at the gold level just for unlimited auto responders and subscribers, however I soon realized the tremendous value of a JV membership. The one payment basic membership at just one whole dollar just plain over delivers.


One of the options I find extremely useful is the done-for-you capture pages, easy to edit or make my own with the built in capture page maker. These capture pages are easily connected to my done-for-you auto responder messages.


TER is the most cost effective and user friendly Autoresponder on the market. TER provides more services then any of the conventional responders with preloaded messages to some of the best Affiliate programs available and unlimited leads without monthly fees. One Dollar Miracle is the system that allows TER to generate these leads and provides the traffic at a frenzied pace. In my opinion there is no better system out  there and I have tried plenty of them.  Thanks Joe as now I have a one stop Hub for my business that is Newbie friendly and for the seasoned Marketer!  Ayaz

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I’ve been online almost daily since 1996 and I have never seen a program where the owner is so helpful and generous. Good things are happening here.

Team Elite  has been like a lifeboat for me as I was lost in the internet marketing world and was suffering from information overload.  I really look forward to the webinars and have learned so much already Nancy

My name is Samantha Briggs and I have known Joseph for a few years now.
I first met him through the awesome Team Elite Responder home business and now thru the
spectacular One Dollar Business which ties the two businesses together.
Joseph is one of the best people I know, he is always willing to go out of his way to help you
and he tirelessly runs both these businesses in the most professional manner.
Samantha Briggs