6 Figure income with these 4 tools

Here is a business plan that has consistently produced a 6 figure income per year that grows each year

This plan has worked for every member of our team that uses it.

It was designed for email, banner and text ad marketing and can be applied to social media also.
The plan is very easy and once you learn how to set up the first ad site you just rinse and repeat and then add as many ad sites as you need to produce your monthly income goal.
As always the money is in the list, so the plan focuses on list building.
You may actually set a goal in leads per day and know what you can expect to earn every month.
Each of the steps and tools has a lot of training information readily available.
The beauty of this plan is you set it up once for each ad site and you are done.
Once you get the number of leads per day to produce your desired monthly income you can work a lot less or set a higher monthly goal.
Visitors = Leads = Sales and Residual Income

The plan is a process with 4 tools working together.
1. Your leads lists – your account where you store your leads
2. Your mailer – your account where you schedule your mailings
3. Your banner and text ad rotators – your account where you create smart url, banner and text ads and put them in rotators
4. Your traffic adbar – your high traffic adbar that you place on your ads

Using these four tools, I will reveal step by step how to generate dozens even hundreds of leads per day basically with little effort once you have it setup.
Setup is just like school, you have to learn to get a good job. In this case you have to learn the business plan to earn the income.
As I stated these four tools are integrated with each other.

They do not work separately but rather as a system.
They are interconnected and that is the power of the plan.
Once you get one ad site setup in the plan you simply go to the next ad site and duplicate.
You can have as many ad sites in the plan as you want.
Once you know the value of one lead and how to get leads you can set a monthly earning goal.
The beauty is you only have to setup them up once and reap the benefits from then on.

Tool Descriptions:
Tool number one is your lead storage account – this is TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com = TEHB
and upgraded members have unlimited lead storage and this is a must.
TEHB also has what you need to create lead capture pages and tracks your efforts
Finally, TEHB has over 300 ad sites ready for you to join and grab the signup bonuses and coupons

Tool number 2 is ViralMailProfits VMP
VMP is your mailer scheduler and also tracks each mailing
With easy setup you add your ad sites and emails here and VMP reminds you when it is time to send out an email

Tool number 3 is VitalViralPro VVP
VVP is your account where you setup smart urls plus banner and text ads then create banner and url rotators
Then you add those banner and text ad rotators to each of the ad sites that you join

Tool number 4 is TrafficAdBar TAB
TrafficAdBar gives you high volume traffic by placing an adbar at the bottom of your emails. You can easily get tens of thousands of visitors to your links every month with no effort.

I will now go into detail on how to set up the plan:
Assuming you have picked a site to promote you will have a referral link which is your link to promote and get visitors to visit that link. I highly recommend you use any referral link as the redirect in a lead capture page.
For the purposes of this discussion I am using TEHB lead capture page for TOAN
http://teamelitehomebusinesses.com/dynamic.php?page=5583&user=Bubbajoe which is one of the 25 sites on autopilot at TEHB.

When a visitor opts in they will be redirected to my TOAN referral link plus start to receive a series of emails also encouraging them to join TOAN.

Each optin becomes one of your leads and leads are your gold mine.
TEHB is your main tool and it is used to generate leads and sales from the sites you promote.

Next set up tool number 2 VMP.
Follow the setup after you join and Click on FAST START where there are six steps for you to learn how to setup your mailers and emails.

Next set up tool number 4 TAB
At TAB read the FAQs and add your referral link and copy the shortened url that looks like this  http://trafficadbar.com/_45s2

Most Important: Take that shortened link and place it in Link field for the Template in VMP
This is how you get free traffic from TAB

Finally set up tool number 3 VVP
At VVP click on URLS under my links and add your referral link
Then go to banners and setup a banner ad for site
Then go to create banner rotator and create a banner rotator
Finally create a url rotator
Each time you join a new ad or mailer site that site has a place to add banner and text ads
Use the banner and url rotators at each site.
Doing it this way you can change banners and text ads in one place and it changes every site you are promoting instantly.

Advertising Resources:
Thousands of our members have created the best list of advertising resources over a 4 year period and it is located for you to access here at TEHB.

Go to Affiliate Programs at TEHB dashboard and you will see the list of advertising sites.
The list contains these tools plus
Viral Mailers
Traffic Exchanges
Income Streams

Take your time and at first pick the ViralMailers since they come with some great signup bonuses.
Each time you join a site you will add the banner and text ads from above and add it to VMP as a mailer.

Set a schedule to add a number of advertising sites each week to VMP and continue to build day by day.
Soon you will see your leads per day growing day by day and income rising each month.
Set goals and continue.

The plan is all about tracking your progress and using these tools to save you time, generate leads


PS Upgraded members at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com contact me for one on one mentoring by sending me an email and I will go over each of the tools and help you get started much faster